First Days: Fresh 48

Aren’t they just gorgeous as they study one another and get to know what the other is all about? This is the precious, quiet bonding that gently takes place between a mother and child in the hours and days following a baby’s arrival. Sweet, sweet, tender moments in a love story for the ages.

SCP’s First Days sessions are reserved as soon as possible during your pregnancy and then scheduled as soon as your baby is born, taking place during daylight hours, within 48 hours of your baby’s birth, the typical length of a postpartum hospital stay.

By booking early, you ensure that your photographer will be in town and available to document these fun memories at short notice!

The Creative Fee for Baby’s First Days sessions is $300, with All-Inclusive Bundles beginning at $700.

Book Your Fresh48 before October 31

And get 50% off of your Creative Fee, or book an All-Inclusive Bundle that includes an 8x8 Hardcover Linen Book containing all of your final images for $500!!! PLUS, the first family who plans to have their baby at West River Regional Health Center in Hettinger, ND, will get some fun complementary goodies when you book before October 31!

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