These Are The Days That Change Everything


Memories are what will hold your family together. The moments that pass so quickly, leaving an impression on your heart and soul, of love and warmth, of drawing close and knitting together.

Keep these memories alive in your mind with photos that tell the stories of your family’s big day, of meeting your baby for the first time, of the beautiful, everyday kind of love that makes your world go ’round.

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“Instead of writing my birth story to share with my children, each photo Regina took tells a thousand words. Having a book full of photos tells a story I never could. Regina is able to capture all the moments I never saw, that I never knew happened, that would have been lost forever but mean the world to me, my husband, and our children. She is able to blend into the scenery without interfering or making a peep. I would recommend birth photography and Regina to every family.”
-Andrea F., Taylor, North Dakota

Birth Day Stories

Birth Day Stories are love stories. Pure and simple. They are the continued love story between parents as they hold and care for one another, working together on the journey to holding their sweet baby in their arms, the miracle of life unfolding, the dawning of a new love story between parents and child.

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“Regina did our maternity shoot and was there for the birth of our son. I’m so glad she was there to capture the memories! She was extremely professional and easy to work with and the photos were amazing!”
-Coley H., Richardton, ND

“We love her style of photography-it is very real and raw. During our two sessions both at home and at the hospital we went about our routines feeding, changing, and sitting with our daughter. Regina was like a fly on the wall and did an amazing job! We have already recommended her to our friends! So many parents we spoke with advised us to capture these moments, we’re so grateful we did.”
-Jessica B., Dickinson, North Dakota

Your Story Is Perfect

And it deserves to be told. Sweet Clover Photography specializes in the real-life stories and memories of family’s throughout southwestern North Dakota and northwestern South Dakota, focusing on the details and little things that make up your perfectly imperfect life. Through a photojournalistic, documentary-style of storytelling imagery, Regina preserves the precious details of the here and now that perfectly tells the story of your family’s personalities, interests, passions, and most of all, the laughter and love that flows between you.

As an experienced and certified birth doula and lactation counselor, Regina is especially qualified in documenting Birth Day Stories in a discreet and professional manner that respects the vulnerability of birthing mothers and their partners, is knowledgeable on hospital routine standard operating procedures and policies in the delivery room and in the operating room, and aware of medical staff, their privacy, the jobs they have to do, and how to stay out of their way.

If a full Birth Day Story is a little more story then you’re looking to have told, or perhaps you’re past the days of pregnancy and birthing, and more interested in your Family Life Story, scroll down to see an overview of all of the session options available from Sweet Clover Photography.


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